I bow in front of
the bent candle

Traditional Haiku (5-7-5)

daydreaming alone –
Lady’s Bedstraw golden buds
under my pillow

powerful hailstorm –
under the casino’s eaves
the homeless man sleeps

a sleeping baby –
his mom places in the pram
a lavender thread

grandma’s funeral –
I stumble over the roots
of an old oak tree

tall rose at the gate –
grandma’s gray mohair shawl
the same every year

quiet afternoon –
grandpa tells his dying wife
about the new pups

brimming hay wagon –
on the end of the wood pole
a blue butterfly

Forty Martyrs Day –
a child on a bike circles
the street crucifix

deserted station –
wild blackberries rimed in blue
through the barbed wire

still summer morning –
wiping off a dove’s claw prints
from my windowsill

Forty Martyrs Day –
a little girl kneels once more
to watch snowdrops grow

a big moth

a big moth
in a small spider’s web
far side of the moon

a leaf falls

a leaf falls
on the statue’s shoulder
another shadow lost

Marigold Time